Sketchy Sculptors is only up for one more week. Please join us for the Closing Reception/First Fridays: Friday January 9, 2015 5p-8p

The current show at the Boston Sculptors Gallery features all of the current members and many of its alumni members in an exciting group show of sketches, drawings and maquettes.

Each artist created these small scale, affordable works of art in different materials, and with different ideas. Exhibited together, they form an exciting show that sheds light on the process of creation and the mind of the maker. Each artist works in their own style, whether it be abstract, figurative, conceptual or representational. This group show presents the varied approaches to sculpture within the membership which is a rare treat.

In my own case, the drawings I am exhibiting were created to conceptualize how I was going to transform one of my outdoor sculptures using paint. I had thought about painting neon daisies on my Seagull Cinderella sculpture but I did not dare do it! I had to create the drawings to imagine what it might look like. Once finished, they convinced me to go for it! Taking that leap of faith would not have been possible without making these drawings.

-Donna Dodson