"Twice as Good" teaser by Christopher Abrams

The Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present ‘Twice as Good’, an ambitious group showcase of work by member sculptors and their selected partners/guests. 

In turn, I am pleased to present work made in collaboration with my invitee, Kat Ely.  As a sculptor and designer several years my junior, Kat represents what I think of as a new generation of Boston-area sculptors, who are driven, inspired, and fearless.

‘Millie’s Revenge’, 2015. 3.5”H X 2”diam. by Christopher Abrams

‘Millie’s Revenge’, 2015. 3.5”H X 2”diam. by Christopher Abrams

In spite of the differences between us—Kat is Co-founder and Principal Designer at CLEAR design labs, and is one of the few women proprietors in the field of product design and innovation, while I’m a college instructor and father of two—we share many interests and concerns.  We’re both keenly interested in the methods used to create objects, and we both navigate professional terrain where working closely with others is imperative.

Our conversations revealed deeper commonalities: we’re both deeply concerned with the meanings that objects carry, and with the effects that our individual works have on our physical and cultural environments.  Working together encouraged deeper reflection on how we, as sole practitioner-sculptors, affect and are affected by our greater community.

Remelt, Aluminum, beer cans, 11"X11"x10"  2015 by  Kat Ely

Remelt, Aluminum, beer cans, 11"X11"x10" 2015 by Kat Ely

For me, the experience has been far more than ‘Twice as Good’.  Working with another talented and thoughtful artist is refreshing, provocative, and essential.  We invite you to experience—and support—that insight.

-Christopher Abrams