Laura Evans: The Artist's Process

"The Aching Web," Laura Evans' current solo show at the Boston Sculptors Gallery is up through March 27th. Don't miss your chance to see this exciting new body of work before it closes in one week. The installation is not to be missed. Below, Laura offers us a glimpse into the process of making new work for this show...

“Achieving Balance” started as an idea to translate the sculptural forms I was building with wood branches into bronze. I tend to work directly with my materials, using my hands, or hand tools, so I knew that the bronze casting process would challenge how much control I was able to wield. I choose seven sticks and had a rough composition in mind, before they were sandcast. Next I watched and directed as a colleague carefully welded them together. Once I was satisfied with the way it looked, it was given a patina and a title. This process unbalanced my usual working methods in a good way."

-Laura Evans