April 2016: Focus on Caroline Bagenal

This month, we are featuring Boston Sculptors Gallery member: Caroline Bagenal ! We recently caught up with her to find out what she has going on in her studio:

"Currently I am working on three upcoming exhibitions.  The first is the Kennard Park Sculpture Trail 2016, which runs from September 1st through Oct 31st at Kennard Park in Newton.  I am building a site-specific sculpture, Strata for Kennard Park.  My piece is comprised of layers of materials such as wooden pallets, firewood, fence posts, hay bales, stones, books, newspapers and textiles. Various histories of the park are embodied in the physical layering of materials.  

On visiting the park, the old stonewalls, apple trees and an old well that I found spoke to the agricultural history of this land. Reading about the park I discovered that a section of the land in Brookline had been used as a town landfill.  This led to the idea that the layers would be composed of both “ natural” and man made materials and also materials collected on the site.

Studio photo1.jpg

Also in September is Sculpture at Maudslay, in Newburyport where I live. This year’s theme is Blue.  I was one of the original founders of Sculpture at Maudslay and will be giving a walkthrough for site selection on April 23rd. This is a community run exhibition. I am painting over 200 books blue which will hang from the branches of a tree.  The exhibition is up from Sept 20 – Oct 2nd. 

Finally I am working on my show for next year at Boston Sculptor’s Gallery. I am planning a large installation that viewers are encouraged to enter. As you can see from photos of my studio I am working on all these projects and more!"

-Caroline Bagenal

For more information on the outdoor exhibitions see: