Amy Archambault: Imaginate

The importance of process in my practice often surfaces when discussing a body of my work. However, in viewing my latest exhibition Imaginate—its clean lines, crafted and polished surfaces, objects inspired by design and displayed as merchandise—one might question why all evidence of process (as defined by making) has been disguised. For me, process comes in the making, but most prominently in my interaction with the objects and apparatus as they materialize—a renovation that has become an obsession and delivered fulfillment—the continuous squeeze of the caulk gun, the tidiest wipe of the excess with a towel that had been twisted and turned to expose the clean fold. Tactility, sensation, perceived functionality and my physical relationship to the finished objects and materials around me (and in the moment) inspires my practice. I have discovered so much in the simple gestures of the viewer eager to wipe their hands upon the towels.

- Amy Archambault