June 2016: Focus on Johnathan Derry

It's been 127 days since my first show at Boston sculptors gallery. The first 30 days after the show was all about decompression. I had spent almost an entire year working up to the show. No, not all of it was studio time, but a good solid 8 months. These 8 months were very intense. Its not often that I devote nearly a year to being in my studio working on my art. The fallout is a studio in ruin.

So, nearly six month out from my last show and I am compelled to create a new body of work. My studio still hasn't fully recovered from the tumult, but in the midst of this chaos I am starting to look for clues from the remnants of my previous sculpture and it is here that I am finding new paths forward. I need to be careful when cleaning and organizing my space not to erase these creative bookmarks that I have left for myself. I don't yet know where I am going with my newest work but I do know it will stand on the shoulders of my previous sculptures

- Johnathan Derry