Claudia Olds Goldie: "Skin Deep"

"The figurative ceramic sculpture in my current show, Skin Deep, investigates the complex contradictions of body, mind, and perception. Focusing on the lives and bodies of women, I have examined how living and aging change the psyche and the physical body. My intent was not to create traditional figurative sculpture, but rather, to imagine honest, strong, compelling, sometimes humorous, sometimes conflicted individuals.  For this reason, I never work from models or photographs."

- Claudia Olds Goldie


"In Navigating a Dream, as in much of my recent work, the surface detail is an integral part of the sculpture and adds visual complexity to the piece.  I was inspired to begin drawing in graphite pencil on my sculptural work after seeing Sol Lewitt’s exhibition of wall drawings at Mass MOCA in 2010.   The smooth texture of the pillows in this piece served as a perfect foundation for this type of surface exploration, and I enjoyed imagining a variety of bold, graphic motifs to carry this young dreamer on her surreal adventure.  Textile patterns such as animal skins, checkerboards, dots and stripes suggest the wonders of a magic carpet ride."

-Claudia Olds Goldie