December 2018: Focus on Christina Zwart

For the past six years, I've been fortunate to work with the incredible folks at Shorelight Education in Boston, where I've created and installed seven works that highlight the company's mission to "Educate the World." They recruit students from across the globe to study at colleges and universities in the U.S., and are committed to stewarding them from matriculation to graduation. Among the works is this grid of graduation caps in the lobby of their Seaport headquarters:


For the mortarboards, I created round button flags representing the countries from which their students hail:


And, for each tassel, created custom-made charms featuring Shorelight's logo:


I've replicated this installation in their offices in Beijing, Dubai, Vietnam and Colombia, and recently finished a larger one for their new space in Shanghai. The grid is now standard for each of the lobbies in their offices worldwide, with three more opening in 2019.

From Tom Dretler, their CEO and co-founder:

“I never expected artwork to be the key to how we talk about our corporate purpose and how we keep each other focused on what's truly important, but Christina's work has allowed us to do exactly that. Every time we bring someone new to our office -- investors, university officials, prospective employees, board members, community members -- we always tell the Shorelight story through the art that she has created. With offices in 18 countries and more than 30 locations worldwide, her artwork allows our global organization to demonstrate our common commitment to student success and creating a multi-stakeholder win. Christina herself also has become an extension of our team. She believes in what we're doing and it shows in her approach and in her work.”

Two other tidbits:

I created this "money tree curtain" for the recent opening of Medical Aesthetics on Tremont Street in Boston's South End:


And am finishing up a commission of 11 sets of grandchildren hands:


Thanks for listening! 

-Christina Zwart