March 2019: Focus on Ed Andrews

American Cocktail: 
A spirited mixture of customs and cultures within the United States



“This in-process project began with my desire to use data as a catalyst for the creation of new artwork.  Census data in the United States reveals detailed patterns of immigration from individual countries of origin and is typically charted using standard line graphs. Each country’s line graph is unique and creates a silhouette or profile that, when revolved around an axis, results in 3D forms that resemble interesting vessel shapes.  In this artistic representation, each country of origin is represented by a data-defined vessel and contains a distilled liquor that originates from, and is historically significant and representative of, that same country. 


The distillation of alcohol in the United States, plays a historic role in early commerce, the slave trade, and in the early 20th century, the anti-saloon temperance and its cohort, the anti-immigration movements. In this artwork, the cocktail, an American invention that is fundamentally about mixing and creating something new, serves as a metaphor and provides a context for the blending of customs and cultures and, through the act of sharing, creates a potential space for celebrating an open and public dialogue.”

-Ed Andrews

Distinct bottle shapes and cocktail glasses are 3D printed clear resin

Distinct bottle shapes and cocktail glasses are 3D printed clear resin