Claudia Olds Goldie: Staccato

“This has been an inventive time in my creative life.  Until now, my ceramic sculpture focused mainly on the figure.  There are numerous figures in my current show, each with intricately patterned graphite pencil drawings on their surfaces that connote textile design or tattoos.


 Over time, this drawing process has proved so compelling that the drawings have become as fascinating to me as the sculpture itself.  More recently, I began to embrace abstraction as I explored new ways to marry the drawing to its sculptural form.  Accustomed to working on smaller, free standing sculpture, it’s been especially exciting for me to see my current work installed on the walls of the gallery. 


The largest and most ambitious sculpture in this show is comprised of 98 orb-shaped, individual parts. I was amazed by the rush of creative ideas that ensued by working within the constraint of one simple repetitive form.  This became a playful and seemingly limitless exploration of pattern and design.  As I worked on this piece over a period of months, and the individual orbs began to relate to each other, the sculpture began to assume the visual expression of musical articulation.  Thus, the name Staccato.”

-Claudia Olds Goldie