Forest Grace , the Myth Makers (Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein)
  Big Red , Murray Dewart
  Two-Sided Head , Peter DeCamp Haines
  Threading Yellow , Laura Evans
  Time and Tide , Andrea Thompson
  Cistern , Rosalyn Driscoll
  Golden Dream , Elizabeth Alexander
  Swallowtail Chrysalis , Michelle Lougee
  Heads or Tails , Christina Zwart
  Chesterwood Chain , Marilu Swett
  Trans-Situation , Mags Harries
  Landmark I, II and III , Nancy Winship Miliken
  Inside Home , Nora Valdez
  Words and Leaves , Caroline Bagenal
  Ancient Migration , Andy Moerlein
  Barkmoore , Leslie Wilcox
  Floating Flower , Andy Zimmermann
  Madam President , Donna Dodson
  Aspect I , David Lang
  Biomorphic Connection , Niho Kozuru
  Third Wind , Kim Bernard
  Pollinate , Nancy Selvage
  Fan Scepter , Sally Fine
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